Vulnerability is high on the agenda for energy suppliers

Audrey GallacherThe Money Advice Trust and Energy UK launched a new guide for energy suppliers on vulnerability and mental health. In this guest post, Audrey Gallacher, Director of Retail Energy Supply at Energy UK, shares her thoughts on the guide and why it is needed.

The energy market is changing at a rapid pace and looks very different to what it did just two years ago. There are more suppliers in the market and more people switching as the market grows more competitive in response to consumer engagement.

Despite this, companies must remain one step ahead in ensuring they’re able to address the needs of all customers. Mental health matters and any one of us, at any time, could have to face the challenges brought on by poor mental health.

That is why energy companies need to ensure they have the right systems, processes and staff training in place to help customers who may suffer poor mental health and experience the challenges that this can bring.

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