12 steps for advice agencies on vulnerability

Colin Trend is an independent consultant and an approved subject matter expert and instructor for the Money Advice Trust’s ‘mental health’ and ‘vulnerability’ training programmes. With Chris Fitch, he co-authored the Trust’s new vulnerability guidance for advice agencies, launched by the charity with the backing of a range of organisations across the advice sector in June 2016.

Vulnerability front cover 800 550In “Vulnerability: a guide for advice agencies, 12 steps for treating clients in vulnerable situations fairly”, Chris Fitch and I ask 12 central questions that advice agencies should reflect on in terms of their approach to vulnerability and supporting clients through their over-indebtedness options.  Launched by the Money Advice Trust with the backing of a range of organisations in the sector this month, we hope it will prove useful to agencies at a time when vulnerability has never been higher up the agenda. Read more