Delivering debt advice using Whatsapp

Joel CrawleyIn this guest post, Joel Crawley, Project Coordinator for the WhatsApp Money Advice and Casework Development Project at Citizens Advice Manchester, gives an overview of the project, one of three funded by the Trust’s Innovation Grants programme for 2017/18.

The remarkable pace of change in technology and communications is a challenge for just about every industry and the advice sector is no different. As the way in which we consume information and communicate with each other changes, the importance adapting and developing new ways of delivering advice is becoming an increasingly relevant issue.

These changes bring with them a host of new challenges but they also bring new opportunities for us to reach and help more clients. At Citizens Advice Manchester we now offer services using Skype, Webchat, and Facebook Messenger. As an immensely popular social media platform with more than one billion global users, we felt WhatsApp was a natural next step.

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