Tools for debt advisers who are supporting people in vulnerable circumstances

Empower 1024 512The Trust’s learning manager Chloe Willis blogs about Wiseradviser’s new resource to help debt advisers supporting clients in vulnerable circumstances.

We are always exploring ways that new technology can support us in our work at the Trust, and years of experience tells us that sometimes the simplest things can be the most effective in helping people in need of advice. This is true for those who deliver it too.

With that in mind, we’re pleased that Wiseradviser is today launching a new resource to support debt advisers in their work with vulnerable people. Two sets of visually-striking cards that bring together useful phrases, tips and behaviours, demonstrated by clear examples, will support advisers to identify, and respond to, vulnerability during advice sessions.

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Advisers need practical support to help clients in vulnerable circumstances

Chloes blog cropAnyone who has worked on the debt advice front line knows that supporting individuals in vulnerable circumstances can be a huge challenge. Many are trying to cope with difficult situations and limited resources. Changes in employment status, health issues and other life events can suddenly put someone in a vulnerable situation, either temporarily or for a longer duration.

They might be distressed, worried or finding it hard to cope – and at the point of seeking advice, receiving the right support, sensitive to their situation is crucial.

At National Debtline, clients have told us that they need advisers to be “patient, understanding, knowledgeable and reassuring”, to be able to “[feel] comfortable talking about a difficult problem.”  As one couple our advisers recently helped put it, “We are extremely anxious, very exhausted and emotional. Being able to speak to someone who understands and gives clear advice is a godsend.”

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